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  1. Synonyms for feelings at niticarpetemetchblogmenretapterwna.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for feelings.
  2. Feeling, emotion, passion, sentiment refer to pleasurable or painful sensations experienced when one is stirred to sympathy, anger, fear, love, grief, etc. Feeling is a general term for a subjective point of view as well as for specific sensations: to be guided by feeling rather than by facts; a feeling .
  3. Jul 07,  · Your favourite Haryanvi star Sumit Goswami is back with another heart wrenching melody - niticarpetemetchblogmenretapterwna.coinfo this beautifully written and composed melody. #SumitGoswami #Feelings #HaryanviSongs Listen Author: Sony Music India.
  4. Feeling definition is - the one of the basic physical senses of which the skin contains the chief end organs and of which the sensations of touch and temperature are characteristic: touch. How to use feeling in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of feeling.
  5. 1. feelings - emotional or moral sensitivity (especially in relation to personal principles or dignity); "the remark hurt his feelings" sensitiveness, sensitivity - sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others) Based on WordNet , Farlex clipart collection. © Princeton University, Farlex Inc.
  6. Feeling, in psychology, the perception of events within the body, closely related to emotion. The term feeling is a verbal noun denoting the action of the verb to feel, which derives etymologically from the Middle English verb felen, “to perceive by touch, by palpation.”.
  7. "Feelings" is the fifth single from his debut studio album "How I'm Feeling". The song was released on the 19th of September
  8. Feelings, feelings like I've never lost you And feelings like I've never have you again in my heart Feelings, for all my life I'll feel it I wish I've never met you, girl.
  9. feeling meaning: 1. the fact of feeling something physical: 2. emotion: 3. emotions, especially those influenced. Learn more.

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