Im OK Youre OK - Various - Regenerate (Vinyl)


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  2. May 02,  · P P A AFour Life Positions C C• I’m not OK - You’re OK • Every Child – even happy childhood ones • Happens around the age of 2 – first 3 positions • Happens due to on & off Stroking • This position has hope as there is Stroking from the You’re OK position • The first understanding or equilibrium • Built on the appraisals.
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  4. I’m not OK – You’re OK I’m not OK – You’re not OK The most effective position to operate from is I’m OK – You’re OK as this is where you believe you have value to add, are good and worthy and can take responsibility for yourself equally to the person you’re communicating with.
  5. Some of the most successful album of that period are Taxidi and. Sitemap Im Confessin That I Love You - Various - Falling In Love Again (CD, Album), Someone Has Stolen My Star - Lou Maxwell Taylor - Cheshire Tree Suite (CD, Album), Ungerm Adler (Hindenburgpark) - Various - (CD), Shortys Night Out - Various - Essential Latin Flavas (CD.
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  7. I am always stunned when albums of this caliber get left by the wayside. Pop-Confectionist extraordinaire Jason Falkner first released "I'm Ok, You're Ok" overseas in , yet no US label saw fit to issue it here until And yet, this album all but bursts with sugary hooks, catchy choruses and gleeful singing/5(8).
  8. OK promotions are based on “underselling” the product, a job accomplished by the product’s name — not great, but ok for now. Both the name and the container design — in amateurish, industrial grey with rough illustrations reminiscent of cartoons scribbled on a math book cover — are products of advertising giant Weiden and Kennedy.
  9. Download I'm OK You're OK and get your life on an even keel. I'm OK, You're OK is part of our 10 Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety Course - 50% off If just the thought of small talk makes you nervous, and social situations make you feel ill, then read on to find .

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