Women Are Smarter


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  1. The women are smarter than the men today. Little boy sit on the corner and cry Big man come and he ask him why Says I can't do what the big boys do Man sat down and he cried too. It ain't me, but the people who say That the men are leading the women astray But I say that the women today.
  2. About “Man Smart, Woman Smarter” Through biblical and modern-day anecdotes, Belafonte asserts the intelligence and superiority and the females of our species.
  3. Jul 18,  · Perceptions of women's competence have changed considerably. In a poll, only 35% of those surveyed thought men and women were equally intelligent.
  4. Apr 29,  · Thus women's complaint that men are tuned out emotionally, and men's that women are too emotional - it's a brain difference. Neither is better - both have advantages. The male tune-out .
  5. Feb 16,  · Women Are Smarter (Span) Last Updated 02/16/97 E B E E B Let us put men and women together to see which one is smarter B Some say the men but I say no, B E The women got the men like a puppet show E It ain't me, it's the people who say B Men are leading the women astray B I say it's the women today E Smarter than the man in every way.
  6. Dec 11,  · In almost any gathering of professionals at roughly the same level of seniority and accomplishment, the women who have managed to win acceptance ARE smarter than the men because they have to be, to overcome the biases that operate in such environments.
  7. Feb 05,  · If you're keeping score in America's ongoing discussion on gender equality, here's a win in the women's column that you may not have seen coming: New research suggests women's Author: Beth Dalbey.
  8. The women are smarter That's right The women are smarter A little boy sat down and cried An old man passing asked him why He said I can't do what the big boys do Old man sat down and he cried, too Ain't me, it's the people that say The men are leading the women astray But I say, it's the women today Are smarter than the man in every way That's right The women are smarter That's right.
  9. Decades of research show unequivocally that men and women are equal in general intelligence (IQ), but that isn't the case when it comes to emotional intelligence (EQ). There are subtle, and not so.

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